Stuff Dutch People Like is the study of all things orange. It exemplifies, questions, celebrates and pokes fun at a nation of orange-loving, guttural-sounding, element-battling, culturally-bemused folk. All in the name of fun!!

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Why you should get the book

If you are Dutch, you will learn more about your own culture and be surprised about yourself
If you are a foreigner, you will gain invaluable insight into Dutchness, which might one day save your life
If you are married to a Dutchie, this might save your marriage and make your realize:”My wife/husband is not strange, she/he’s just Dutch!”
If you are looking for a great Sinterklaas, Christmas, Birthday or other kind of gift, our book will work out great

Praise from our community

“The new Undutchables!!!” – John

“This is hilarious! I cried of laughter. I am Dutch myself and just everything is true what is said here! Very, very funny!!!” – Paula

“I just can’t believe how freaking funny, hilarious, informative and instructive this is! Including the comments. Big kudos from this cheesehead.” – Joris

“I love your blog! Cause everything you write is sooo true. And as a Dutch girl, it’s so funny to read that the things we consider ”normal” are so strange for other people. Every post makes me smile!” – Kimm